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Arkadia Hotel has as its main goal that of making the travelers feel at home.

Arkadia Luxury Hotel & Apartments by itself is a small, friendly, family owned establishment. Our aim together with our staff and guests is to create a warm, carefree and relaxing family atmosphere from the moment you arrive – together with a more personal touch!

Our belief is that each and everyone of our guests is individual, therefore we are always ready to listen to your needs and requirements to ensure that your stay with us is not only enjoyable, but meets with all of your expectations.

Our policy is to strive to maintain the best level of service possible, throughout the hotel from the cleanliness and hygiene of the hotel and apartments, the friendliness and efficiency of our staff, the service received from reception through to our kitchen where our menu has been carefully created with imagination to offer tasty homemade dishes using fresh local produce.

As a final note from all of the staff at Arkadia Luxury Hotel & Apartments we wish each and everyone of our guests a comfortable, relaxing and unforgettable holiday, please remember...

"our home is your home".

Cameo Island

Live meaningful moments with loved ones

The creation of a genuine family atmosphere alongside a friendly, relaxing environment is our most warm welcome in Zakynthos.

Entertainment & Excursions

We provide the opportunity for our guests to have a more exclusive guide of the island of Zakynthos, by car or boat with our own guide who lives on the island.

This will enable you to take in the sights, ask questions and have a better understanding of the lifestyle and the island itself.

Greek Nights & BBQs

You cannot holiday in Greece without experiencing a true “Greek Style” evening!

Beautifully cooked food (we also cater for vegetarians), traditional music and dancing, with a great atmosphere.

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In Arkadia Hotel you will have the chance to have unforgettable
emotions and memories discovering the beauty of Zakynthos.

We are looking forward to host our guests at our renovated (2019) facilities / From the year 2021 our hotel will accommodate guests of 5 years old and over.

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